Purdy releases double a-side on beautiful vinyl

Dear Friends and Followers

The journey to arrive at this moment has been full of great struggles and amazing achievements and I have you to thank for spurring me on and making it all worth while. In this evolving online music world the listener is just as important as the player. I can't do this without you!

Making this Vinyl was a project close to my heart and I am indebted to a lot of hard working, talented individuals who helped make the magic happen and I know you know what it takes to get a song from the scrawling lyrics and chords on a piece of paper to a lavish mastered and designed piece of art.

So this is why I'm asking you to give what you think it's worth. I hate having to put a price on music so I'm not going to! I'll leave it with you. I am starting with a minimum price and if you can give a little extra I'll give something extra back. Every penny is precious to me and goes back into the music. In return I give the music my everything and welcome you to my shows with all my heart. I will write messages for loved ones, even songs!

I'll come and play an intimate show for you and your friends in your sitting room or a venue of your choice, you can purchase this below. I am so happy to share this special piece of art with you and imagining all the steps of its creation up to your first play! Thank you for your contributions and for being in my very special Vinyl club.


Love to you all. The Romantics!

Purchase a Limited Edition Vinyl

Select from the options below. Whether you'd just like a copy of the Vinyl, or if you'd like me to come and perform them for you and some friends in your sitting room or a venue of your choice. I hope you enjoy the music or look forward to meeting and performing for you!